Welcome to Keldemar!

Keldemar is a world of fractious city-states, small kingdoms, warring states and vast empires all vying for control over as much territory as possible. It is a land where wealth and power await any who are daring enough to take what they can at the tip of a sword.

For years, I have worked solidly on my own world that my gaming group and I could call home. Nearly every campaign we have played together has taken place in this land, and I have used the events of our numerous adventures to carve out the history of this realm. It is far from being completed at the moment, but many of it regions have been fleshed out over the past few years. Currently, I am working on a campaign for 4E, since all of our previous adventures were in 3rd Edition.

Over the next few weeks, I will be uploading maps, historical information, NPCs of all kinds, and entire settlements. As the world becomes more detailed and people take an interest, I will be running at least one campaign. This should be happening in a matter of just a few weeks as I figure out a few key plot points, locations, etc.

More to come, so be sure to check back!


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