The Goblin War Begins

With the situation dire at Roklund Keep, and dwindling funds causing trouble for his new mercenaries, Warrick found himself in a bind concerning King Gifki. Although once just considered a nuisance, he had proved to be a worthy foe and was wreaking havoc across the territory. Warrick knew that the only way he could restore order was to send his new recruits to eliminate the growing threat before it became more severe than the war he was already fighting! Working a new contract with Kazador, Warrick gave orders that the company were to eliminate the goblin king and as many of his forces as possible. As soon as the rest of the Spears arrived, they would morch on the goblin watchtower and take it, then destroy the horde in anyway they saw fit. Meanwhile, Warrick was making preparations for a large offensive into Laruqan territory.

In the early morning, Kaz led his lieutenants ahead of the main force to scout ahead. He had heard that a small goblin force had made camp in the area and had stolen a few valuables from a wealthy merchant. His men were to slaughter any they found and were given the right to keep what they found for themselves, as per usual.

It took little time to discover the camp and the attack began instantly. Laucian crept up to the edge of a small clearing, nimbly opening the throats of two sleeping sentries. Before he could continue on his murderous charge, a massive form dropped from the tree next to him, growling and grinding its cruel fangs. The bugbear swung its morning star at Laucian’s head, who barely had time to react before the weapon crashed into his shoulder, nearly dislocating it as the pointed head tore through armor, cloth and flesh. The elf leapt back nimbly, quickly joined by his allies. The remaining goblins woke from their slumber and groggily lunged at their attackers. It proved to be too late, as the bleary-eyed goblins were cut down quickly, trying to flee as their bufbear leader was laid low by a flurry of blows from his attackers.

Scanning the camp, the party discovered a fine suit of armor, which was immediately bestowed to the only one versed in the use of heavy scale armor: Ghesh, who marvelled at the intricate design and strength of the suit. Little gold was gathered, but one of the goblin’s scouts was interrogated, revealing that the bugbear was in fact Gifki’s lieutenant and that the armor had been meant as a gift for the king to celebrate his accomplishments.

Kaz returned to Roklund to gather his forces and bring in the scout for further questioning, while our heroes pressed on toward the watchtower. They had been given specific instructions on what to do next: They were to take the tower by any means necessary, putting the garrison to the sword before any warning beacon could be lit. Once the tower was secured, they were to hold it until the arrival of the main force. At that time, the beacon would be lit and any surviving goblins would be released in order to draw out a large force form Gifki’s lair. With the majority of his army was in the field, Gifki would be vulnerable to attakc himself, and Kaz’s lieutenants would be able to sneak in, kill any guards they found, and bring down Gifki. With their king gone, the goblins would lose heart and flee. It was imperative that they bring the goblin chief’s head to the battlefield in order for his followers to see that their master had fallen, and this needed to be accomplished quickly; Kaz estimated that the goblin force could possibly consist of more than 500 troops, which would eventually bring down his relatively small army of 100 were they given enough time.



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