The Story Begins

Our adventure begins with a small group of mercenaries travelling along a forest path. The party is led by the famous Kazador Valiantlance, a mercenary captain known for his valor, success and his generosity with his troops. Accompanying the warlord are his trusted lieutenants. Ghesh, his defacto second in command, is a tall but heavily set dragonborn in service to the gods of war and strength. He follows no god in particular, but is a steadfast holy warrior who does his best to ensure the protection of his fellows. Ghesh almost always stands close to the wizard, Q, a mysterious human woman of which little is known, save for the fact that her powers have proven time and time again to be a great boon to the mercenary company. Tower, the massive warforged fighter stalks along menacingly, gripping his huge axe in anticipation for any trouble that may come. Meanwhile, Laucian, an elf skilled with his matching blades and an excellent scout and tracker, strides ahead of the party, keeping his keen eyes and ears open for signs of trouble.

Together, the party made their way toward the large fortress of Roklund Keep, where they were to be employed by Lord Warrick, chief captain to the Duke of Velthyr. Along the way, however, a party of goblins was spotted in the bushes and trees along the narrow path. Laucian let put a quick salvo of arrows into their ranks and shouted to his comrades. In a flash, weapons were drawn and the small troop made ready for the impending attack. Kaz shouted out to the small group of green troops accompanying him to guard the supply wagon while he and his lieutenants dealt with the goblins.

Before any further action was taken, howver, goblin archers on either side of the small caravan loosed a barrage of their own. A savage arrow struck Q, binging her to a knee as it pierced her shoulder. Tower was also struck, and with a mechanical bellow of pure rage after not only sustaining damage, but at seeing his injured friend, he charged headlong into the woodline, delivering a monstrous blow to his enemy. Kaz moved forward to engage the goblin who had struck his mage, while Ghesh moved alongside the wounded woman and did his best to heal her with his devine powers. Laucian continued to deal with the rabble in front of them, killing several with his accurate fire. Disoriented from the pain of her wound, Q did little damage when she tried to blast her assailant into oblivion.

The struggle continued, until Ghesh let out a loud roar, turning the remaining goblins to the company’s front into little more than charred skeletons with his lightning breath. Laucian flanked the goblin that had wounded Q, severing its foul head with a flick of his blades. Q dispatched more goblins with a blast of fire, while Tower continued to hammer his foe relentlessly. Q fired a final missile of energy into the beast as it tried to limp off. Just as quickly as it had begun, the skirmish was over and the corpses of nearly a dozen goblins littered the forest floor.



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