The Watchtower

By midday, the party had reached the goblon tower. Three stories of stone made centuries ago by the Lost Empire, topped with two additional wooden stories made by shoddy goblin craftsmen, the watchtower loomed over the surounding countryside atop a high hill, ringed by wild forest. A handful of small outbuildings dotted the hill, including a pigpen which was occupied at the time by goblin “knights” jousting on top of their swine mounts!

A plan was needed, and after careful discussion and revealing some of her powers, Q explained that she was in fact able to use her magic to change her form, as long as it was something she had seen before. Knowing the importance of Gurluk, the bugbear lieutenant, the group decided this would be the best form for her to assume, and she went to it with a will, although some members of the group attempted to spy her lithe form as she changed form her robed into the appropriate attire of a warrior while still in her natural form…

Disguised as Gurluk, Q went charging headlong toward the tower, shouting that she was being pursued. When she reached the tower, a band of goblins, led by a leader of some form in a fine cloak and breastplate, marched down the narrow stairwell on the outside of the tower, shocked to see their king’s majordomo in such a state. Q went about belaboring the goblins, screaming about an elf scouting party that had attacked her and that she needed troops to eliminate the threat. She demanded the entire tower be emptied and that the garrison follow her. When more than 50 goblins poured forth, she realized that she had made a gross miscalculation of their numbers and ordered that half of the force rmeain in case the tower was attacked. Little did the surprised an anxious goblins know that they would march to their deaths.

Leading from the middle, Q brought the band to clearing that had been prepared in advance. When the massive form of Tower was spotted in the clearing, the warparty halted. Suddenly, a cold blue aura began eminating from their leader’s body, suddenly expanding outwards in a bone-chilling flash of freezing mist that killed many of their number instantly, their frigid, frost coated bodies dropping to the ground. At almost the same moment, Ghesh let out a mighty roar from the goblins’ left flank, sending forth a tremendous gout of his lightning breath, electrocuting several of the already freezing goblins. Laucian and Tower both charged in like madmen, cuting down any withing reach of their deadly weapons. Q leapt towards her friends, shaking frost from her shoulders as she did so, then spun round and released a blast of fire from her palms, scorching the remaing goblins. Only their captain remained. Bloody, cold and charred, the savage creature let out a cry of his own. His muscles spasmed, growing dramatically in all directions until he stood several inches taller and nearly doubled in weight. His distended jaw dripped acrid, boiling saliva aa his grip tightened on the haft of his battleaxe, nearly rending the wooden fibers with his powerful claws. The monstrous goblin bellowed as he charged at the one he had thought was his master, swinging wildly in his rage.

But the mage neatly side-stepped the clumsy blow, revealing the statuesque Tower behind her, whose axe neatly took the goblin’s head from his shoulders in a single stroke.

In a matter of seconds, more than a score of goblins lay dead in the clearing.



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