Tulgar Blackhand


Tulgar is tall and powerfully built. He wears loose, dark clothing and never wears armor. He relies instead on his supernatural agility and ability to predict incoming attacks instead of bulky armors. His gray eyes are piercing and very intense, although they look almost like the eyes of a dead man. He always maintains his calm under every situation and has a backup plan for everything. His movements are graceful but also tell of a body that functions just as much as a weapon.


Tulgar Blackhand is the leader of a secretive and deadly organization simply known as the Blackhands. They are an order of killers, spies and warriors who follow their own goals and work toward their own ends, with Tulgar at their head. He is a ruthless man, tall and powerful, who uses his bare hands. Rumor has it that his body and mind have reached such a level of untiy and power that his skin can turn a sword stroke and that he can snatch arrows form the air. No one knows how old he is or what his aims are, but wherever he travels, death follows in his wake. He is always accompanied by a handful of followers, allowing him to move about the countryside easily. He uses others as cannon fodder and his elite order of warrior monks serve as leaders for these missions. Tulgar does not risk those he trains in meaningless struggles and would rather use more svage humanoids or mercenaries to serve him in those instances.

Tulgar Blackhand

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