Lands of Keldemar

The Kelden Empire The most powerful realm in all of Keldemar, the Empire is in decline after being ravaged by marauding hordes of Norse warriors. Its military is still one of the strongest the world has ever known, and its great cities are wealthy beyond comprehension.

The City States A region of bickering princes, each styling himself as a king of his own province. The City States are constantly embroiled in warfare, and the frequent border skirmishes and territorial disputes make any maps of the region outdated within days of their creation!

Forlind This heavily forested kingdom is famed for its small but skilled military and wide, rich forests.

Airel A land of chivalry and home to the Valian Church.

Eldegyrn An evil and corrupt land that was once home to the legendary Nightmares of Eldegyrn.

The Northlands Wild and frigid, the Northlands are home to the few civilized folk who managed to make a home for themselves here. Clans of fierce warriors battle with each other over the few resources held beneath the ice and in the forests, while small, fortified settlements and hardy frontier folk struggle for survival.

The Forest of Twilight The home of the Immortals. It is a fey and uncharted place, filled with dangerous creatures and the ancient citadels of vampire covens.

Kiangia A human kingdom carved into the very rock of the Godspine Mountains. It’s elite soldiers are famed for their nearly invincible defensive formations. The entire kingdom is a series of fertile valleys surrounded by natural and manmade fortifications, making the country seem like one large, continual fortress.

Lorminosus This is a realm of open plains dotted with small settlements and few towns. Its capital is the only true city of note, but its borders are well-defended by a myriad of watchtowers and castles. Its cavalry are the most skilled in all the world.

Dragonia Home of Morlan, the Dragon King, and his people. It is largely a desert realm renowned for its fierce warriors.

Lands of Keldemar

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