The Blighted Land. The Lost Province. Eldegyrn is a cursed and feared place, formerly the realm of Duke Gyrst and the Nightmares of Eldegyrn. The entirety of that place is forever shrouded in mist and filled with rambling masses of flagellants and maniacs. No one sane lives there, and all who dwell along its borders live in constant fear of attacks from strange and unholy beasts, disease and the restless dead that occasionally crawl from their graves on mist-filled nights. The very ground seeps blood near the ruins of the Iron Keep and voices can be heard chanting in a horrid language.

In recent days, people have been found murdered along the edge of the forest there, their bodies drained of blood or their heads cut cleanly from their shoulders. The sound of a galloping horse heralds the arrival of a fearsome knight covered in bloody armor, while the sound of some massive winged beasts is the last thing some hear before they are plucked from the roadside and carried off towards the horrid ruins of the Keep.

Warriors from Forlind claim to have encountered such things, and it is feared that the former lords of Eldegyrn have returned. Could it be that the Nightmares have returned to their homeland? Of course not. Such things are impossible…

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