Forlind is a broad country filled with thick forests and green meadows dotted with the occasional settlement. It’s mightiest city, Vendestu, is center of wealth and commerce but, like all populated areas in Forlind, it is still intricately tied to nature and its surroundings. Crystal blue canals line its streets while cobbled roads lined with trees run in between its white marble buildings. Much of this owes to its large elven population, as Forlind consists of humans, elves and half elves. Dwarven craftsmen dwell in Vendestu as well to help with its fortifications and weaponry.

The line of human kings mixed with elven blood long ago, and for centuries, the rulers of the kingdom have been half elves. This makes Forlind an extremely open and accepting culture in which all are welcome, even the more savage races, so long as they prove themselves to be trustworthy. Laws are not overly harsh here, but punishments are almost always in exact proportion to the crime committed. Forlind is widely known for it’s law keeping forces, who are known to travel 1,000 leagues to bring a criminal to justice.

In recent years, Forlind has expanded its borders after completely reconfiguring its small military. When the city state of Lencaro invaded, the defenders of the castle at Cair Vindus not only pushed back the enemy, but also consolidated their victory by almost completely annihilating the entire opposing force in a series of running battles. Soon thereafter, the Kelden Empire occupied the border town of Witherton, whose lord betrayed the kingdom’s trust by seceeding his lands to the Empire. Swift action freed the town from it’s former lord’s control. A short time later, two full Legions marched on the city, only to be defeated in open combat by the well-trained and adaptable Forlanian troops.

Today, Forlind stands as a free society in defiance of all who would see it conquered. Defended by it’s strong military and many heroes, Forlind looks to be on the onset of a golden age.

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