The looming heights of the Blackrim Mountains serve as the homeland of the people of Keldemar. The entire range has been carved into a single mighty fortress in which thousands dwell. Hidden caverns hold vast wealth and are stocked with all manner of arms and armor. Alliances with giants provide the kingdom with artillery support as well as massive brute strength. Elite units of heavy infantry skilled in close quarters combat roam the tunnels while camouflaged snipers patrol the rocky peaks.

Kiangia is a single, massive fortress spanning the entire breadth of the Blackrim Mountains. Where most castle would have baileys and courtyards, Kiangia has valleys of fertile soil, tilled by skilled farmers to bring forth as much food as possible. Mushrooms and fungus from caverns are cultivated using dwarven techniques to help bolster this food supply. Cavern grog is an extremely potent derivitive of certain mushrooms brewed together and it is often exported for high prices because of its potence and resilience to spoiling.

The people of this land are a grim and hardy lot, brought up to work hard and fight for their rulers, no matter what the opposition. Many times has Kiangia been the enemy of its neighbors in its hunger for ferile land to feed its people. When trade negotiations break down or neighboring countries attempt to extort Kiangia, the armies of this mountain kingdom have no fear of taking what they need to survive.

Military service is mandatory for all citizens from the age of five until fifty. At the youngest age, children are simply trained in basic combat and encouraged to play rough games with each other, mimicking warfare and combat whenever possible. Once a child reaches maturity, however, they go to the nearest barracks to receive their equipment, learn their new post and begin their formal training and service. After a two year period, soldiers are allowed to continue on (with a pay increase) or to become a tradesman, farmer, etc. Every person in Keldemar has a job of some sort. Even the infirmed can be given work, if need be. Such actions are necessary to ensure Keldemar’s survival.

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