The City States

Ah, the City States; a land of unending warfare where princes battle for control of a vast region that hasn’t known a single ruler for a millenia. Petty land disputes and centuries old arguments maintain their instability, as well as the time honored character flaws such as greed and lust for power.

Some of these states are only a single city with its own small military, but often they consist of a major city and several small towns and villages that provide food and raw materials for each city’s industry. Each city, however, is fortified beyond that of any town of comperable size. Even small towns have towers and walls of stone with seige weapons mounted on the ramparts and well-trained militias that are more than a match for many armies triple their size. Even a fresh recruit is often a veteran of a dozen battles, trained by simple neccessity in the forge of experience.

Even though wars are a common occurence, they are extremely civilized affairs that frequently have few casualties on either side; most princes are unwilling to lose precious soldiers in petty border clashes. Wars themselves are very formal and courtesies are rarely spared. To an outsider, it would seem that these are almost friendly in nature and make no sense at all, but anyone from the City States knows that it is better to be kind and courteous toward your enemy, for he may be your ally in the next battle!

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The City States

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