The Heroes of Cair Vindus

Long ago, the small castle of Cair Vindus was a stout fortress used to discourage raiders and monsters in the forests of what is now Forlind. Over the centuries, it has fallen into disrepair and finally was sacked and burned nearly 200 years ago by warring nobles. It was eventually occupied by a tribe of goblins, led by a vicious hobgoblin warchief who sought to make a kingdom for himself in the surrounding territory. He began raiding nearby villages and waylaying merchant caravans, gathering together several tribes of goblins to his banner with his reputation for victory and cleverness. Soon, he attracted the attention of King Marius himself, who dispatched a small group to do what they could with the situation, if only to calm the people. Little did he know how much success the party would have.

In a matter of days, the group of four had cleared out the tunnels, slain the chieftain, foiled a drow plot and freed a clan of dwarf slaves who had been pressed into service by the cruel warchief. They were dubbed heroes and granted the ruined keep and all the surrounding territory, which had not known a noble lord in more than a century. They soon solidified their holding by rebuilding the old keep and fortifying the wall. The freed dwarves moved into the tunnels beneath the castle and began smoothing the rough rock walls and expanding the tunnels for living quarters and storage. They soon discovered several veins of silver and began mining them immediately. In just a few months, Cair Vindus was not only rebuilt, but it was stronger than ever.

The new lords of Cair Vindus soon expanded their territory by helping local villages and by taking them under their protection. Forests were cleared of monsters, bandits were hunted down and conlicts with corrupt local officials were brought to an abrupt end. Taxes were collected, and the money was put towards outfitting and training a militia in each village, trained by the nobility themselves.

The nobles further proved their mettle by venturing into the horrid swamps of Eldegyrn and not only returning alive, but with the head of a massive giant who had troubled the region for decades. Their titles were further improved and their lands extended. They were given formal positions in the military and it was through their expertise that the Legions of the Kelden Empire were defeated.

To this day, the lords of Cair Vindus valaiantly defend their lands and serve King Marius with a will that has not been seen since before the Fall.

The Heroes of Cair Vindus

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