The Northlands

Also referred to as the Northern Wastes, these are cold and barren lands filled with roving bands of Norse raiders and savage beasts. But there is gold to be found in the hills and good fishing in its warm lakes, and the freedom of serving no king or lord is something that any commoner would dream of.

The harsh conditions of the Northlands draw only the hardiest of inhabitants, and these brave folk have built up small camps into fortified towns. The largest of these is Frostgate, whose palisades protect nearly ten thousand souls from the onslaught of vicious raiders and the bitter cold.

It was only in the past decade that these towns freed themselves from the yoke of the remnants of the Black Horde and their overlords. It was a hard fought victory that cost thousands of lives, but it won the Northlands their freedom yet again. A firm alliance holds the territories together in a loos confederation for mutual protection, though some settlements still have disputes over territory. Fortunately, the most warlike of these towns had been assimilated by the Norse tribes and were subsequently defeated in the bid to free the Wastes, leaving only those who sought peace and freedom.

But there are always raids to fight off, fortunes to be one, and the remnants of the Black Horde to face, leaving the land dangerous to all but the most prepared – and best armed – of travellers.

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The Northlands

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